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Monterey Bay Hepatitis C Project
Address: 1760 Fremont Blvd. SeaRina Center
Seaside, CA 93955
Website: http://www.delphi.com/huzzie1/
Phone: (831)883-0711
Description: Monterey Bay Hepatitis C Project is a grassroots organization serving the Monterey Bay/Salinas area communities. We provide a caring, learning and supportive atmosphere for people living with Hepatitis C and those interested in transmissability issues and harm reduction. The support group meets locally on Sunday afternoons. We have online support available through our website chatroom located at Monterey Bay Hepatitis C Project Chat. Our website is user friendly and has over 5,000 links to various Hepatitis sites, research laboratories, universities, transplant centers, patient resources, nutritional information, and a message board that is updated daily with upcoming clinical trials and research news. Hepatitis C is a very serious illness. 85% of those infected become chronically ill. Many people are infected and do not know. One third will require liver transplantation while awaiting a cure. If you have ever come in contact with any blood or blood products other than your own, had Rhogam injections, served in the military, used IV or Nasal means of drug delivery, transfused before July 1992, had unprotected sex, tattoos, piercings, shared personal hygiene items, if you're in a high risk occupation, or had gynecological or obstetrical procedures prior to July 1992 PLEASE GET TESTED SPECIFICALLY FOR HEPATITIS C. Vaccinations are currently available for Hepatitis A and B. We encourage all people to get vaccinated. If you or someone you know, has Hepatitis C, please know you are not alone. There are 5,000,000 of us in the United States experiencing similar conditions and side effects. We welcome you into our circle of support. The world is our oysterMay we find the pearl named***CURE*** Cyndra S. Horton Founder
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